Sillyconductor – 100 Catronomes


//  4-7th Oct. @ Mansarda Bastion Theresia

100 CATRONOMES, installation (dimension variable) 2010

100 Catronomes is a modern recreation of Gyorgy Ligeti’s “Poème Symphonique”. Whereas Ligeti employed 100 wooden metronomes set at different speeds, this version takes advantage of the inheretly imperfect and ureliable nature of the cheap maneki neko’s internal mechanisms to provide rhythmic and tonal variations over time. 100 Catronomes was performed in Bucharest six years ago at the National Centre for Contemporary Dance during the Sâmbăta Sonoră listening sessions.

Sound designer, field recordist and sonic speed addict based in Bucharest, Sillyconductor has fun exaggerating classical music related devices and techniques. He has written music for films, animations, architectural mapping events, fashion shows, dance performances and created sound installations/objects. Among other things, he designed a multi-piano surround installation that would explore the upper limits of note reproduction, helped develop a software that generates 60 soundtracks per second, played USB fans through guitar pedals, adapted urban folklore to micro-tuned instruments and conducted an earthquake.

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photo credits Asociatia Ephemair