Simultan02 - International experimental video/sound festival
had taken place between 18-20 th of May 2006, in Timisoara, Romania.

The Simultan festival is a platform for the audio-video concepts and intends to spread the new movements and trends of the contemporary culture, like the digital media, the video art and the experimental and electronic music.

The event follows the ideologies of other well-known similar events and aims to establish new cultural bonds on the stage of Romanian art and between those of different countries.

The event wishes to keep up with and to stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in contemporary art of those who belong to the contemporary spirit, through presenting the current processes and the most innovating and revolutionary tendencies.

Being an annual event, the festival is able to highlight the present-day experimental directions of audio-visual art, identify them in the current context and link them to the emerging innovative elements.


Unpostponable video orgies

by ST

I don’t know if the Simultan festival from Timisoara initially wanted to gather up videos which might upgrade, with one single blow, the poor programing broadcasted by the few existing music TV channels.
Besides the notable exception transferTV, the SPTV’s attempt to go online on the Internet, the good quality video-orgies are always getting fewer . That is considering the fact that there are so many short films and similar festivals in the world.
I recently found out that the festival started off out of a need for new content. A different kind of content than the one skillfully used for party visuals.
At a certain moment, you get fed up of importing short movies in your software. Maybe this way you end up making your own application and your own movies – moreover, you ask others to send you their videos.
And there is no greater joy than to open the envelopes in order to see the new works who end up in your mail.
In the 90s, all of a sudden, we started to have the opportunity to see a lot of diverse musical videos – and maybe the first and the most extreme and influential jury for musical videos in the recent history of the phenomenon – Beavis & Butthead, two post-pubescent teenagers, sprawling on a couch, chopping up all the videos without mercy or remorse. Rarely was there something uncriticized, because they managed to inflict injuries to the celebrities and all those who got in the way. With all the pretended ignorance regarding musical history, Beavis & Butthead showed respect for "Weird Al" Yankovic! The Ramones and White Zombie (*with front man Rob Zombie), Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Butthole Surfers, Pantera were their heroes and they didn’t stop at criticizing AC/DC, even if they wore the T-shirt.
The music video was initially thought only as a commercial promotion medium for some music bands. But very soon it was mocked by the watchful ones(like Frank Zappa). In the beginning, the video probably was the most innovating and revolutionary visual medium – for example, see the video "The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise" released by the band DEVO in 1979, the first video to include a computer animation and the first to include traditional animation in general.
At the last edition of the Simultan festival, none of us had to use the Beavis & Butthead method of complete annihilation – but we were not too far, because we sometimes faced up materials which didn’t alter in any way our perception of reality. But the reality is that we’ve reached a time when we can’t postpone anymore the visual and auditive orgies that in the past you would only indulge at home.

© 2006, Simultan Association