Deep dream composites, various sizes, 2020

 27 SEPT – 3 OCT / 16:00-22:00

Neural networks could have been a perfect Marxist example of automation. Just think, all the power of digital machines united into one hive mind capable of thought and creativity. And yet, our little computer slaves function more like propaganda machines, generating a platform that maximizes turbo capitalism’s reach into every corner of our lives, from the restaurant we choose, the way cities are designed up to who we vote for. Our phones, when we download Covid-19 tracking apps to keep ourselves safe from harm, become mini-neural nodes into one big surveillance web, or at least that’s what QAnon would like you to think. So, in honor of humanity’s recent lack of creativity regarding its visions of the future, I propose an exercise in Accelerationism: let’s feed the propaganda machine more propaganda until it self-destructs.

Andreea Anghel, born and raised in Romania in the ’90s, Andreea currently lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland. While her work varies in terms of style from one show to the next, the underlying themes tend to aggregate around subverting standard formal preconceptions that might have already colonized the viewer’s expectations, mixing ready-mades with time-consuming manual and emotional labor. Oh, and there’s irony, lots of irony and cynicism.