Shield no. 11 – Installation (2020)
sound in loop (3:02 min), soft copper tubes, salt, textiles, marker, various construction materials, bricks, plastic wheels
dimensions: approx. 180 x 60 x 100cm

 27 SEPT – 3 OCT / 16:00-22:00

Irina Bujor – Lioness Heart, performance

Shields is a series of installations that advocate for the rights of the queer community. Each installation / shield makes a direct reference to military visual language or combat images aplenty in computer games, but in a twisted form that through hints of fragility, femininity, imperfection (textiles, soft copper, audio recordings produced especially for this series with soprano Nadia Hidali) becomes anti-military.

Using the unexpected arsenal of fragility to appeal to the viewer’s empathy, each Shield is wrapped in an operatic recording of a wish; following many interviews and research in various transgender communities, each such wish was written by me to divert reality into a future somehow perhaps hard to imagine now that reality is overwhelming and dark.

A (still) Unseen Future, and Shield no. 11 with its wish, like the entire series, is a fragment, a token from that future.

Irina Bujor

Her work is based on formal associations that open a singular poetic vein; multilayered images and installations are highlighting the fragility and instability that question our seemingly certain reality.

By applying a wide variety of analytic strategies, Irina Bujor develops a multifaceted practice around ordinary phenomena that tend to go unnoticed in topics she is obsessed with: laughter, gender,  factories producing popular culture, and things permeating other things.

The work of Irina Bujor was exhibited at A plus A gallery, Venice (Italy), Kunsthal Gent (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium),  Porous Space, Vienna (Austria), “On Floating Grounds. Ways of Practicing Imponderability” exhibition in the framework of Art Encounters biennial 1st Edition, Timisoara (Romania), Galeria Anca Poterasu, Bucharest (Romania), PENTHOUSE ART RESIDENCY (NH Brussels Bloom x Harlan Levey Projects), photo_graz 014. Biennale der steirischen Fotokunst. Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik, Graz (Austria), Narrenkastl, Frohnleiten (Austria), ArtPoint Gallery, Kulturkontakt, Vienna (Austria).

She contributed for collective projects like “managing structural bird problems” – DIE PHILOSOPHISCHEN BAUERN, Kabinett, Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany and “KILOBASE BUCHAREST A – H” – as one of the 8 artists contributing to the experimental alphabet book on Bucharest (publisher: Mousse, Milan) edited for the “Image projected until it vanishes” exhibition at Museion Bolzano (Italy).