2 OCT/ 19:00

Within the larger project Unearthing the music: sound and creative experimentation in nondemocratic Europe, we call this meeting to discuss alternative sound cultures before 1989 + the transition period (until the early 2000s) in Romania. This semi-formal meeting will start discussing a possible meaning of the term “experiment” in a local context – making music that does not correspond to expectations or impositions. In a utopian way, we will also look for the perspectives of a para-academic field for the research presented by guests, let’s call it Sound Studies.

Mimo Obradov,
Emanuel Copilas,
Mihai-Laurentiu Fuiorea,
Andra Chitimus

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presented by Jumatatea plina Association in partnership with Simultan, part of Unearthing the music, sound and creative experimentation in non-democratic Europe, co-financed by AFCN and Creative Europe