03 OCT/ 21:00

In his recent solo-performances Kutin confronts the audience with an audio-light-feedback setup, that he integrates into the developments of his raw and intense electronic and acousmatic music.
The voltage transmitted by an LED dimmer becomes a central generator for sounds and light patterns. The audience can only observe fragments. Flashes of light and noise erupt, morphing and shaping into different forms, finally manifesting as aesthetic encounters that will throw you as much off-balance as they will embrace you.
Kutin’s ACHRONIE is an intense live-show of sonic clarity, brutality and beauty.

KUTIN works with sound across genres. His pieces have been performed live, were screened commissioned or exhibited at various festivals across the globe. He has written music for film, performance, theater, contemporary dance and installations. For the composition Desert Bloom, a cooperation with the german composer and pioneer of sound-art Christina Kubisch & his long time collaborator Florian Kindlinger, the trio received the Karl Szucka award in 2016. In 2019 his kinetic instrument Torso received the golden Nica at the Ars-electronica festival.