27 SEPT/ 20:00

NEST is a 30 minutes long audiovisual performance where the performer (Rozi Mákó) organically fits into the installation built from a neon tube system. It’s a mental and an emotional journey through sound and light fragments. A trip to an infinity space, which is guiding back to the primeval territory of our memories and birth time, when trust in the unknown is a natural human principle.
Constant composing during the performance is just as crucial element as the fixed structure of the set. The combination of these aesthetics make the show each time new, engaging and site-specific. The artist using the light as a musical instrument: controlling the parameters by knobs as if it were synthesizer and playing on it live.

ROZI MÁKÓ has a classical and jazz background as a pianist and began exploring music at an early stage of her life. She found herself doing all kinds of music related projects: composition, sound design, experimental music improvisation and dj-ing. After her graphic design studies she moved to The Netherlands to further her music knowledge at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague at the Institute of Sonology. Since the early 2000s through the party culture she got in touch with visual teams and vjs, visual artists. She participates and works in team on short animation movies, light installations, video projection mapping as a composer or music performer. Her latest project NEST is a solo audiovisual performance where she is using LED light tubes for her music performance, combined the features of the light and the music together.
She focuses on connecting with her audience through the phenomenon of music and lights to invite them into an unrepeatable moment by creating a unique atmospheric experience through improvisation. At present she participates in multiple music collaborations and concentrates on her solo live act.