STOC 0 – LIVE PERFORMANCE [Micleușanu M. & Nina Seroto]
 29 SEPT/ 20:00

/ starting from the “demand and supply” dynamics as a “Perpetuum Mobile” type of principle, or as an unstoppable (generative, expansive) conveyor belt, we ask ourselves: to what extent the environmental movements and the fight against the “eternal resource shredder” that we maintain as consumers can divert, slow down or help reassemble this complex process / since industrialism has imprinted itself in an almost absolute manner onto the economic dynamics on a global scale, and the adaptive fluctuations of prices and offers depend on the means of the purchasing power, constant speculation and the power to shape the customer’s interest (dynamics fundamentally provided by the other controversial colossus: marketing) can create the impression that “an industrial break” or a slowdown in our consumption habbits, pollution, or the depletion of natural resources is impossible / we could even say that this “windmill fight” pushes production and sales to a more subtle, carefully branched evolution, and to the emergence of new ways to attract, persuade and sell / certainly rates, offers, bonuses, bargains, and other temptations as a part of this transformative / methodological evolution, urged by peer pressure and buyer’s demands.

/ the expression of “today’s happiness” is closely related to consumption, the search of the perfect product, compulsive purchasing, and inertial accumulation, in a repetitive oscillating cycle of exaltation/boredom, this process changes only in the sense of changing the buyer’s needs, interests, or demands / the unseen part of this process is (on one hand) a bio-chemical one, based on interaction and feedback, the neural receptors being constantly excited by new sensations, offers, technological progress, inductive and deep dependence on gadgets, in other words, progressively cybernising the consumers, all while imbuing them with a sense of guilt, of waste (plus) the paranoid feeling that stems out of the future perspectives this way of life coveys, on a personal and social scale.