30 SEPT / 21:00

Sillyconductor is one of the pseudonyms of Cătălin Matei, a sound artist from Bucharest. Initially, his main concern was classical music and its relation to mathematics: projects such as “Footballers’ Waltz” (symphonic micro collages composed with the help of an Akai MPC), “100 Catronomes” (a golden reinterpretation with 100 cats Maneki Neko a Poème Symphonique composite by Ligeti) or “Pianosaurus” (a post-modern mechanical piano) explores the intersections between technology, classical music, and humor. The “Ondiocytherium”, a two-body sound object is a self-destructing instrument, inspired by Laser Doppler vibrometry and various techniques for accelerating the aging of materials. “The Arrhenius Jingles” are a series of microstructures developed by a chain of capacitors that react to the environment, translating temperature changes into sound sequences. Recently, he has been involved in working with artificial instinctual behaviors as a generative method, composed music for theater shows, created sound installations and coordinated workshops for children with hearing impairments or has used new techniques for recording church organs in Transylvania as part of the MetaOrganum project.