30 SEPT/ 20:30

Costin Dutu is currently a photo-video 2nd year student at UNARTE and is extremely passionate about experimenting, whether it is with visual or with sound.
At the age of 15, he started studying guitar on his own, after which he started playing drums, and he worked in several black metal or hardcore punk bands. Later, he realized his passion for electronic music and began experimenting in garageband, where he composed ambient-like pieces of music or played with small interventions over sound recordings.

In his art, Costin always seeks to start from the organic, whether it is an environmental sound or a whisper or the feedback of an amplifier, because he considers that the real presence is essential to be able to anchor and immerse the listener in the sound.
In the last year, he has experimented a lot with industrial music, harsh noise, dark ambient and drone, and for the future he wants to continue his journey in sound professionally.


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Rezidența21 is a performative arts residency program. A MATKA initiative that encourages experiment and supports independent music and production.