— immersive and interactive installation, 2023

OCT 5, 2023, 6 PM, MX – Tram depot
Visiting hours: oct 5 (18-21h), oct 6/7/8 (15-21h)

Developed by Present Continuous Association, in collaboration with the Research Center for Neuro Performance Enhancement Veruvis, AIO is an immersive interactive installation that creatively illustrates anxiety and the ways in which it manifests in our body, translating relevant neural research data into sound and image.

The music in AIO is partly formed by converting EEG signals into musical notes. The video portraits humanize the experience and become a channel for your emotion, expressing through mimics, gestures and movement, various degrees of anxiety.

On AIO’s screens you discover a total of 55 videoportraits, accompanied by 5 sound compositions rendered in Quadrophonic format. All these paired with a certain degree of intensity of anxiety.

The work is interactive and allows the visitors to modulate the sound and image in the space through a simple digital interface. Explore the space, select on the interface the level of anxiety you consider describes how you are feeling and your choice is expressed in the installation through a sound and video composition.

Artistic direction: Emilia Păunescu
Sound design: Bogdan Moroșanu
Image: Florin Constantin
Coding of interactive interface: Andrei Vacaru
Distribution: Ada Galeș, Alexandra Bălășoiu, Cătălin Diaconu, Cezar Grumăzescu, Denis Bolborea, Denisa Diaconescu, Dragoș Iulian Matei, Ema Alexandrescu, Florin Constantin, Oana Pușcatu, Simona Dabija