— a research based project and installation, 2023

OCT 5, 2023, 6 PM, MX – Tram depot
Visiting hours: oct 5 (6-9 pm), oct 6/7/8 (3-9 pm)

Art-science projects arouse a great deal of curiosity because they presuppose the crossing of opposing disciplines on one hand and the exploration of new technologies on the other. In reality, some of these projects highlight less explored aspects of science and forgotten theories, while making the link with history and the human condition. The analysis of their impact on our perception of the world is what makes them so interesting.

In “Land under wave“, artists Andreea Medar and Malina Ionescu explore a piece of land north of Craiova, whose fossils hold a piece of our history. Until now, legends have intertwined: Marin Șeclăman, a renowned geologist who has now passed away, hypothesised that the Tethys Ocean covered the region, and that the fossils were proof of this. As a matter of habit, local residents who find these fossils in their gardens, convinced of their exceptional alkaline properties, use them as fertiliser. Intrigued by the meeting of scientific hypothesis and farming tricks, the artists wanted to draw a parallel between them and draw attention to the region through this project. Accompanied by geologist Vlad Iorgoni, they sifted the soil and engaged the locals in a conversation about the treasures hidden beneath their feet. This artistic installation bears witness to the first stages of this multidisciplinary collaboration, and to the creation of a new kind of space for expression.

Today, further scientific research is being discussed, and the local community is mobilising to preserve the fossils. Every week, local residents make new discoveries in their gardens. (Diane Pricop)

Artists : Andreea Medar & Malina Ionescu 
Coordinator: Diane Pricop / Obsolete Studio
Commissioned by:
Consultant: Vlad Iorgoni / Geoparc Hateg
Photo/video: Mihai Medar, Irina Elena Medar
Acknowledgments : Elena Dumitrascu, Mihai Dumitrascu, Anton Ceana, Liliana Buruntia, Irina Cheng

Andreea Medar and Mălina Ionescu (Romania) work together since 2017. Their common projects include landart interventions, environments, performances, installations and inter/ social media and digital artworks. Their practice is at the same time a dialogue and a convergence of two monologues that investigate and play with themes such as code, cipher, common and shared memory, maps and the way friendship appears, grows and develops its specific and profound mode of communication. Among their projects are NOW/NO (2019), Viae Ferrae (2019), ᎒ᚗ~ㆨ꒿ ꕇ꒿ʭᦔ (2020), Hypercube (2020), Tiny planet (2020),  Hypercube II (2021), Viae Ferrae II (2021), , Livada Mare (2022), 70 packs (2022), Viae Ferrae 3 (2023).

Obsolete Studio is a cultural organisation dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary and experimental creation at the crossroads of arts and sciences. We believe that this combination is key to building a desirable future, as it opens up the possibility of positive and sustainable alternatives. We develop educational workshops and artistic creation projects that encourage critical thinking and enable people to take concrete action on their reality.