— anti-Interactive artistic installation, 2023

OCT 5, 2023, 6 PM, MX – Corneliu Miklósi Museum
Visiting hours: oct 5 (18-23h), oct 6/7/8 (15-23h)

We begin to move. We begin to look around. We try to make sense of the things that surround us.
— 4 seconds.
Everything seems to move so fast. Technology changes without us realizing it, all around us. Since you started reading this, 92592 Whatsapp messages have been sent.
— 10 seconds.
The Earth’s crust just moved about 0.2 microns. Another 3 minutes or so and we will reach the width of the thread of a spider’s web. How fast does innovation move around us? But right around us, here, in Timișoara?
—18 seconds.
There is a valley of death for scientific research, a place where, once reached, projects remain stuck for a very long time. Due to lack of funding, due to lack of interest, due to lack of adequate technologies. Or due to lack of creativity. Just the same in art. But what if we bring together art and science?
— 32 seconds.
Since the start, a tortoise covered a distance equivalent to two human steps. If it didn’t have any obstacles to avoid. Where is the tortoise heading to? And why do people hinder it?
— 38 seconds.
Welcome to the Relative End of the Road Not Taken!

Created by Andrei Dinică, Mihai Dragan and Sabina Suru
Curator: Andrei Tudose
A Marginal project, commissioned by
Project developed with the support of the Timișoara Seismic Observatory, part of the National Institute for Earth Physics.
Special thanks to: Adina Rău, Mimi Ciora

— 49,5 secunde

Andrei Dinică-Nicolescu is an emerging artist, an alumnus of the Art and Design Faculty within West University Timișoara, where he received a MA in visual arts/ painting. Exploring new technical and conceptual territories defines him as an artists

Mihai Drăgan is  a programmer, founder of Plan Zero, a makerspace – open workshop and collaboration platform, and Azilului de Calculatoare, an interactive collection of computers from the 80s.

Sabina Suru is a post-digital artist and co-founder of Marginal and VAGon – spațiu in(ter)disciplinat. Starting from painting and continuing into photography and transmedia, her practice focuses on silver-based holography and film, respectively video and installation. Her work addresses issues related to identity mutation, objectification and exographic memory.

Andrei Tudose is a curator and cultural manager, co-founder of Marginal and VAGon – spațiu in(ter)disciplinat. With a background in marketing research, sociology and visual studies, he promoted transdisciplinary approaches, at the intersection of art, science and technologie, challenging the public to take an active stance towards current societal issues.

Adina Rău is a researcher at the National Institute for Earth Physics and coordinates the activity at the Seismic Observatory in  Timișoara, where she is also involved in educational and outreach activities.